Hello dear friends!

Welcome to SBCamp competitions.Here you can check all results from competitions and also you can voting for  MVP of group .Only what you have to do is to choice one of selections from top menu and to enjoy!


MVP competition is consists of 4 parts:

1.  All competitions has  points for ranking : GOLDEN medal 10pts, SILVER medal 5pts, BRONZE medal 3pts.

2. The player with most online votes has 10pts, second place 5pts, third place 3pts

3. Desado who organize this camp has 15pts for his favorite for MVP of group, also has 10pts for second MVP and 5pts for third MVP.

4. Main coaches can vote for his favorites.They have 10pts for first player, 5pts for second player and 3pts for third player.

After the calculations of results, the player who will have most points will be MVP of group.